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MessaggioTitolo: I.B.U. - SPECS in ENGLISH   Sab 25 Giu 2011 - 8:52

For your fellow tankers from abroad, please find there a compendium of the Italian Battle Unit characteristics. The list is updated each time a new faq (from the other thread in Italian language) is answered.

The IBU board has been designed, developed and producted in Italy by our fellow rc club member Ivano 'Scooter' Bretti, with consulence by myself (Borealis).

--- Per gli Italiani: se dovete scrivere in questo thread, per favore fatelo in inglese. Post in Italiano saranno rimossi. --- For Italian tankers, please write in English in this thread. Replies in Italian language will be removed. ---


- FULL Plug & play for Heng Long tanks with RX18 board and IR system

- Fully compatible with Tamiya Battle System and other compatible systems (e.g. DBC, El-mod, etc.): tank weight setting, tank speed reduction, pre-assembled apple leds, loading times simulation.

- Direct control of Tamiya recoil unit or standard servo (selectable)

- Direct control of a flash led

- Additional exclusive feature: tank repairing (recovery tank setting) through proprietary code with sound and light effects, and the ability to limit the IR range of the emitter

- Additional battle sounds played by sound module (shoot, reload, hit, destroyed, rebirth, repairing) customizable by uploading on supplied micro SD card

- Tank recoil removal (IBU with sound module) and shooting while moving

- Two versions available: with or withour sound module

- Support (open collector) for external relay (operated on tank destruction) to simulate, e.g., smoke coming from a destroyed tank

- 'Standalone' installation as a fixed gun emplacement is possible, with manual or remote (through standard receiver) control

- Can be adapted also to different brands of vehicles such as Matorro, Torro or non-tracked vehicles

- Software setting upon Heng Long stock mechanics and electronics, to retain mobility of damaged vehicles also on heavy ground. With 3:1 or 5:1 gearboxes the tank gains more torque and lower top speed.

- Software updates can be programmed by the manufacturer

- Can be used with original Tamiya or Impact TBU through (optional) adapter cable

- Can be used with a DBU (DBC receiver apple) by soldering the TBU adapter cable to a serial interface

- Protection against overcurrents and polarity inversion

- Minefield Simulator support for upcoming (optional) magnetic sensor kit and landmines

- Heng Long stock barrel recoil direct control and inhibition during reloading time

- Muzzle flash at beginning of barrel recoil action also on stock tanks

- Compatible with Tamiya Landmine Simulator kit *** NEW ****

Both an ITALIAN and ENGLISH language Use and Installation Manual has been edited and is available for e-mail delivery as PDF attachment upon request (pdf size about 4.3 MB).

For questions and informations you might send and email to:

ivano.bretti [at]


English manual v1.3 **** UPDATED ****

TAMIYA compatibility video

BERGEPANZER feature video

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